What's New 09/27/2022

What's New 09/27/2022

A couple weeks late but thats okay! I have not been as active lately because work has been super draining.... but also, I got a kitten! One of my coworkers found him on the street but she couldn't keep him, so I said I would take him! He was only 4 weeks old when I got him and he was still being bottle fed.


He is now going on 5 weeks and is eating kitten wet food :) his first vet check up went great and he seems to be happy and healthy! I just baby-proofed my livingroom/ kitchen, so he has free reign over almost the whole house, except for my room (for now). His name is Chomusuke after the cat in the anime Konosuba! He is the most precious thing ever.

he blep.

Also, happy Rosh Hashanah!

!שנה טובה

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