Product Storage & Care


We recommend storing our jewelry either hanging or laying flat in a way that it will not tangle with other jewelry. Please be aware that threads may snap if caught against sharp edges, so keep this in mind when storing. Some items containing metal, such as the glass tile key chains, may tarnish over time. Please refer to cleaning instructions below.


We recommend cleaning all jewelry from Any Design with cool water and a soft cloth. We do not recommend using jewelry cleaner or any kind of cleaning machines. For best results please hang necklaces, earrings, and bracelets or lay them on a flat surface to dry. This will reduce crimping that may occur if the threads dry twisted.

For necklaces or earrings with fringes:
If fringes become crimped or do not lay flat, for example due to storage, we recommend wetting the beads with cool water and either laying it flat or hanging it to dry so that the fringes will be straightened out.

For glass tile key chains or necklaces:
Glass tiles may be cleaned with glass cleaner or water and a soft cloth. The metal setting can be cleaned with jewelry cleaner applied to a soft cloth, or dry jewelry cleaning cloths. Please do not submerge these in water or cleaning solution as it may cause damage to the key chain.